DVD Duplication

DMPRO DVD duplication services are meant to make the work easier for you. We can replicate or duplicate any amount of DVD according to your requirements. All DVD packaging solutions offered.

Digital Media Productions DVD Duplication Services.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, quality, and turnaround time.

We have over 20 years experience in our business and know what our customers want.

We are dedicated in delivering the best quality product in the shortest possible turnaround times.

Direct printing to the DVD body, full digital colour via InkJet or Screen print process.

Each disc is individually lacquered to protect the finish where required – all orders over 100, this service is free.

High quality DVD Cases / Clear DVD Boxes or any DVD packaging material you require like a DigiPack.

High quality digital colour printed inlays, professionally cut and finished with a high gloss, heave weight paper. We use various printing companies to ensure the best quality paper parts. On smaller orders we digitally print all the paper parts.

Digital Media Productions use the best quality DVD Duplicator copy machines to ensure high quality DVD

Duplication services to our customers. We use a slow and efficient burn speed. DVD Duplication is the professional process of Optical disc authoring or DVD burning or DVD Copying. Typical order sizes for CD Duplication are 0-1000 discs, however more than 1000 can be ordered. DVD Duplication or Copying of DVDs, is to burn data onto a blank recordable DVD disc, common content on DVDs are DVD Movies or films, DVD based Games or large format DATA discs or catalogues.

Digital Media Productions use the best quality DVD Duplicator copy machines to ensure high quality DVD copying to our customers. DVD Recordable discs typically hold 4.8 Gigabytes of data these are known as DVD 5 discs; the newer DVD technology is DVD 9 discs which hold more than 8Gigs of Data.

Typical order sizes for DVD Duplication are 0-1000 discs, however more than 1000 can be ordered. Turnaround times for the duplication of DVDs are around 3-5 working days depending on the order size.

Our knowledge of DVD Duplication?

DVD Duplication

Digital Media Productions is constantly trying to better our services and pricing. We hunt for the best quality discs and have years of business relationships for our raw products, that we turn into great DVD Products. We have a proactive role with our clients and constantly communicate with them as their orders get done. 80% of our work comes from repeat clients. This tells us we deliver high quality goods they can trust.

We serve any corporate client, any person off the street and 12% of our clients are other private CD Duplication companies, that can’t always offer what we can with our in-house factory. We are not resellers of other peoples services – this means you get factory pricing all the time.

A Bit More on Our Equipment.

DVD Duplication Facilities

We currently have 8 DVD Duplication machines – with highly trained and dedicated staff we can turn out about 6000 duplicated DVD’s a day.

DVD Printing Facilities

Inkjet Printing: We have 4 inkjet printers with two dedicated staff members printing on CD’s. We can turn out around 900 inkjet printed DVD’s a day. We have an overflow capacity of an additional 3 printers but rarely use them.

Screen Printer: We own our own DVD Screen printing machine. This machine adds to our production by delivering 1200 high quality screen printed DVDs per hour.

Packing Facilities

We have a huge factory in Germiston, Gauteng, this leaves us with a lot of space for our packing department. On average we have 4 packers on a full time basis. These packers can turn out up to 1000 DVDs packed in DVD Boxes with a front and back inlay, per hour.