CD DVD Disc Printing Services

Digital Media Productions is not just another disc printer and we don’t no normal disc printing. We don’t do cheap jobs and we are not a home business. Though just about all of our disc printing in included with our CD Duplication or DVD Duplication orders. We have many clients that are just want printing done on their discs. We are proud to offer an ad-hoc service to clients wanting to do printing only.

Two Types of Disc Printing

Inkjet Disc Printing

Typically inkjet printing takes longer to complete and is more expensive on bigger disc printing runs. But it had its place. We use inkjet printing for all our smaller orders, orders of 1 – 250. We can do more than 250 but screen printing becomes a better option and becomes cheaper. Benefits of inkjet printing is that there is no setup charges. No Positive charges thus we can start pritning the same day. Disc printing with Inkjet is also recommended for once off print jobs. This meaning it is a once off CD Duplication job and you only need a few of them

Typical orders for inkjet Printing

Corporate Events with Videos or Pictures.

Wedding Videos


Company Promotional CDs and DVDs

Small audio CD runs

Lacquer or Varnish can be added for a beautiful CD finish.

Screen Printing

Typically we use screen printing on larger orders. This saves the client time and money. Where inkjet printing carries a charge of about R2 per disc, screen printing can cost as little as 25c a colour. meaning for a full colour print job it costs on average R1. The only negative is that we require positives on a screen printing template. This on average is a cost of R250 per set. This is a cost quickly absorbed by quantities more than 250 discs.

Typical Screen Print Orders

Professional Audio CDs / Music CDs

Retail DVD Products such as movies or live events

Corporate CDs or DVD for distribution on larger quantities

High End Product Training CDs or DVDs

Branded corporate discs for brand houses.

CD Printing

CD printing, also known as labeling or branding, is the process of printing a label onto the CD for identification purposes. It is known as the process of printing texts and graphics onto a CD, which will make it easy for a user to identify what the CD holds inside. In some cases, there will be a brand printed onto the CD, and this is for those who want to buy blank compact discs. But whether it has something in it or it doesn’t, there would always be a print on the CD to let a user identify it among so many others.

CD Media:

Normal 118mm CDs Silver or White Printable

Mini CDs – Silver or White Printable

DVD Printing

DVD printing is a fast and easy way of branding your DVD products, and it is one that most duplication companies offer alongside many other services. However, there are some people who don’t really think that printing on DVD is a necessary thing to do, and that there are very few reasons why they should do it. Is DVD printing necessary? Why or why not?

DVD Media:

DVD 5 – Silver or White Printable

DVD 9 – Silver or White Printable

Mini DVD – Silver or White Printable

CD / DVD Duplication (or Replication for high quantities), is the full service of copying your CD, DVD, or Blue-ray disc Printing is the high quality direct to body printing directly onto the disc DMPRO ca provide the printed discs on a spindle or we can provide the full packaging service to you. point is we offer great Disc Printing